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Name:been walking home a crooked mile
Birthdate:Nov 8
Location:Rhode Island, United States of America
Website:me @ livejournal
I gained it so—
By Climbing slow—
By Catching at the Twigs that grow
Between the Bliss—and me—
It hung so high
As well the Sky
Attempt by Strategy—

I said I gained it—
This—was all—
Look, how I clutch it
Lest it fall—
And I a Pauper go—
Unfitted by an instant's Grace
For the Contented—Beggar's face
I wore—an hour ago—

"srslyomg <3333333 you are a vision. you're a superhero, an
elf princess, you're like Crazy Horse and William Wallace and
Shaft and John McClane all put together in a lovely chick's body,
you are that fucking badass, you're Catwoman."

[jules basically wrote me my own gqmf macro. ♥!]

vexed and glorious +
+ emily anne
+ 30 years old
+ scorpio
+ voracious reader (fantasy, mystery, cross-genre, anything interesting)
+ reviewer and sometimes ranter (plentyofpages dot blogger dot com)
+ movie lover (action, good horror, sci-fi, cheesy 90s teen comedy)
+ singer, musician, vocal percussionist (a cappella will always own a piece of me)
+ feminist, queer, moho for life (i left my heart in 319 pearsons)
+ writer, linguist, seller of dreams

(the difference between the right word and almost the right word is the difference between the lightning and the lightning bug)
marvelous things +
what you'll find here :
+ fannish things. i don't write fic nearly as often as i used to, but i still periodically end up spitting something out, and i have a torrid and ongoing affair with fannish meta, especially as regards representation in media and why slash is necessary if we're ever going to see more queers in the text instead of the subtext.
+ chatter about my fic projects and my original fiction. aside from all the fanfic, i'm doing a lot of original writing lately as well (more than i've ever done in the past) and i'd love to talk with other writers about how they do what they do.
+ a little miscellany about my real life. i don't tend to post too much personal stuff, so if you're just here for the fannish blather, it won't be too interrupted. ;)
+ fic recommendations. i used to rec a shitton of fic here, and i'd like to get back in the habit. my star trek fic rec list is here (though i haven't added anything to it since probably 2011) and i used to run a multi-fandom fic rec community called theflophouse, which no one's posted to in ages but is still a good resource.
other worlds than these +
+ the blog : plenty of pages
+ ao3 : betweenthebliss
+ personal / fannish twitter : @opentheyear
+ writing / reviewing twitter : @plentyofpages
+ tumblr : opentheyear
+ pinboard : betweenthebliss
+ on lj : betweenthebliss
+ tos reboot challenge : operation 80
things of note +
+ if you aren't a fan of slash or discussion of gay themes in fiction (and occasionally real life), this is not the place for you.
+ this is a safe space. if you feel i've been insensitive in anything i've posted, please let me know. i'll always do whatever i can to correct it and apologize.
+ if you want to friend me, please do! i don't bite and love to talk with other geeks about books, fic, et cetera. don't feel pressure to friend (nothing here will ever be friendslocked, so you won't be missing out) but if you do, drop me a comment so i can say hi! :)
+ similarly, if you ever want to make something based on something i've written, go to town. podfic, fanart, translation, fanfiction of my fanfiction, whatever strikes you. we're all here to have fun, so, have fun!
credit where it's due +
+ username comes from the poem up top by emily dickinson
+ journal layout by [community profile] inconformista @ [community profile] thrashmetal
+ profile layout by [personal profile] gossymer @ [profile] noveltybox
+ icons by me are uncredited; icons by others are credited. if you use anything make sure you credit the maker! all icons stealable unless noted.

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